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About Xybermind

Xybermind was founded in Tübingen in March 2002. The company develops small portable high-tech devices for the sports and fitness markets. Xybermind’s cutting-edge technology protects athletes’ health and promotes the enjoyment of exercise. Xybermind’s founders are Dr. Dipl.-Ing (FH) Jürgen Löschinger, who holds a master’s degree in electronic engineering and a PhD in biology, and Dr. Richard Feichtinger, with a PhD in biology.

Xybermind’s Tübingen location facilitates extensive collaboration with the acclaimed institutes of science and medicine at the renowned university of Tübingen. At the 2003 ISPO sporting goods fair Xybermind emerged as Overall Winner of the coveted ISPO Brand-New Award. This award proclaims Achillex as the world’s most innovative sports industry product of the year. In the same year Xybermind won second place at the Baden-Württemberg Business Plan Contest with the bwcon Cyber One Award.


The Founders

Dr. Jürgen Löschinger

Dr. Richard Feichtinger

Further information:

Xybermind GmbH
Clemens Kienzler
Lorettoplatz 26
D-72072 Tübingen

Ph. +49 (0)7071 53 81 22
Fax +49 (0)7071 36 52 77
eMail hi@xybermind.net
web www.xybermind.net

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