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ACHILLEX free – running shoe consulting system

Achillex free is a stand-alone system which allows you to perform measurements anywhere. This makes it ideal for events, running test days or for use in your retail shop.

The system consists of measuring wrap and vest. The measuring wrap measures pronation and impact forces directly at the foot and transmits data wirelessly to the measuring vest. This automatically determines the customer’s style of running and makes a recommendation for the best type of shoe. The results are shown directly on the integrated graphic display in clearly arranged, easy-to-understand diagrams. You can also perform comparative measurements between different shoes. The system can store up to four test runs.

An automatic voice output function has been integrated to make measuring as easy as possible. It responds directly to the customer’s movements, guiding him automatically through the entire measurement procedure. Measurements are performed during unconstrained running at whatever speed the customer chooses. No treadmill is required. The whole measurement takes no more than a few minutes, without any stress for either the customer or the salesperson.

Scope of delivery:

  • measuring wrap with sensor holder
  • measuring vest with voice output and graphic display
  • battery charger and rechargeable batteries

Comes in a suitcase with full documentation.


  • retailer´s own logo embroidered on vest
  • link-up to PC
  • Shoe-Check-System SCS
  • chip cards for SCS with retailer´s own logo.

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