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Shoe check-up

Shoes have a lifespan of ca. 800 – 1000 running kilometers. When used beyond this range the material starts to lose stability, thus considerably increasing the risk of injury. Outward signs of material fatigue only become visible after a far greater mileage.

Achillex is the first system worldwide to be able to test a shoe for stability and thus detect material fatigue at an early stage. Check-up measurements are performed directly at the retail store. For this purpose a chip card with the initial measurement data is handed over to the customer when he buys a new pair of shoes. The original reference data can then be compared at regular inspections with the current data and any loss of function can be calculated.

This unique service represents real added value for all existing and potential customers – the value that lies in protecting their health.


chip card with special imprint showing the retailer’s own logo

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