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The Achillex System.

Selling running shoes with a system.

A short product overview

Achillex brings together what belongs together

Your way of moving is as individual as your fingerprint. Clearly a sports shoe has to match your personal motion profile. A less than perfect match will only become noticeable when pain occurs, usually too late. Achillex matches customers with the shoe that optimally fits their motion profile.

Measurement and analysis in one – professional, compact and inexpensive.

   vest with embedded microcomputer
   graphic display, voice control and
   wrap with sensor pads

   "Thank you, your run was successful!"

Achillex talks to the customer independently and the friendly voice guides the run. The system responds directly to motion and ends the measuring when it has captured enough steps.

Achillex takes you to the finish line within minutes.

Ease of use - Achillex places the capability of a complete biomechanical lab in your store. Measuring, guidance and analyses are all integrated in the fully automated Achillex system – as easy as it gets.


The results appear clearly and hierarchically arranged on the integrated graphic display.

Sensors record the runner’s natural movement. With or without a treadmill.

Achillex takes you to the finish line at 400 measurements per second. In a complex analysis Achillex determines your personal motion profile within seconds and finds you a matching type of shoe.

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